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Feeding 9 Billion:
The Illustrated Series

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Feeding 9 Billion:
The Card Game

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Graphic Novel

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Graduate Opportunities Connecting Agriculture/Food and Artificial Intelligence
by: Rachel Lee | 2020.01.14
The LINK Project is an exciting new interdisciplinary program that seeks to apply machine learning techniques to research in agric...
Top Agri-Food Issues of 2019
by: Rachel Lee | 2020.01.07
Listen to a review of the year's hottest topics on the FoodFarm Talk radio program, hosted by Feeding 9 Billion's Abdul-Rahim Abdu...
Food Insecurity in a World of Food Surplus
by: Jay Chen | 2019.11.11
     In a world where around 1/3 of food produced is wasted, it almost seems paradoxical that hundreds of mill...

Feeding 9 Billion

We are a food security initiative based out of the University of Guelph providing insight, outreach & education around issues of food, agriculture & hunger globally.

We work to offer objective, evidence-based information in an accessible manner for all. We are particularly committed to working with youth, helping them to improve the food system of the future.