We are Feeding 9 Billion, a food security initiative based out of the University of Guelph, providing insight, outreach and education around issues of food, agriculture and hunger globally. We work to offer objective, evidence-based information in an accessible manner for all.

We are particularly dedicated to working with youth, helping them to improve the food system of the future. 

This means that we focus on creating value for students at each stage of the process. It's not only that our learning tools are designed to be accessible to youth. We have also created a free lesson plan to help educators implent our resources in the classroom, and here at the UofG, we encourage student involvement in researching and designing our materials as well.

F9B is a team initiative! We would like to thank School of English and Theatre Studies professor, Kim McLeod, and our talented team of student designers and play testers, Farren Tropea, Josh DerksenBen Skinner, Emily Duncan, Abdul-Rahim Abdulai, Madeleine Arseneau, Alesandros Glaros, Kiana Gibson, Chantel Kozachenko, Chelsea Major, and Sarah Marquis for their roles in creating, refining, and disseminating our learning tools!

We would also like to thank AgScape, voice of Agriculture in the Classroom Ontario, for their invaluable feedback; helping us to design creative learning tools that fit into the Ontario curriculum and raise awareness of the agri-food system. 

Meet the Team

Dr. Evan Fraser in a recording studio


Evan Fraser

The Feeding 9 Billion initiative was spearheaded by Dr. Evan Fraser, professor of geography at the University of Guelph, Director of the Arrell Food Institute, and Canada Research Chair in Global Food Security. Evan launched the Feeding 9 Billion initiative in 2012 with a series of YouTube videos elaborating on the causes and potential solutions of food insecurity. Since then, he has led the initiative to continue creating innovative educational materials to engage students on this important issue.

Evan’s passion for food stems from summers spent working on his grandfather’s farm and family gatherings enjoyed around meals. He has co-written two popular non-fiction books on how our relationship with food has shaped human history, and enjoys experimenting with teaching through different forms of media.

Rachel Lee

Rachel joined Feeding 9 Billion in 2018. She has always enjoyed making education fun, taking inspiration from earlier work with the Toronto Zoo, the Ontario Science Centre, and the Hamilton Public Library. Rachel works closely with our collaborators and students, organizing the group's efforts to create resources that effectively communicate the research they are so passionate about in a format that is engaging and accessible to all.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology and a Master of Information in Library and Information Science. In her free time, she likes to play board games, read science fiction and craft things with her hands.




Kelly Hodgins

After growing up in agriculture, Kelly was drawn to join the F9B team in 2013 to analyze sustainability and social equity in today's food system through master's research. She is energized by youth, and passionate about supporting young people to become changemakers. Combining this with her food-security background, she took on a role developing educational programs for Feeding 9 Billion. For 3 years, she supported undergraduate and graduate students to develop projects that tackled real-life food security issues. Kelly notes that a major appeal of working with Feeding 9 Billion was the way it works to make food-security topics approachable and unbiased. 

Joanne Robb

Joanne has been teaching secondary school Geography for over 20 years, having graduated from the concurrent education program at Queen’s University. She is currently the Head of Geography at The Guelph Collegiate and Vocational Institute. Joanne is grateful to have been introduced to Evan Fraser a number of years ago and has really enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with him and his team on a number of projects. She is always excited to implement new ideas into her classroom and she loves the energy that the university students bring to the projects as well as their engaging classroom visits. 

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