#foodcrisis is a graphic novel that weaves together gripping story-lines about land grabs, rising food prices, inequality, climate change & more. It starts with a massive drought hitting North America and describes how society may react. It isn’t just a work of fiction though. All the elements of the plot are based on the history of past food crises, like the Dust Bowl or the Great Irish Potato Famine, just imagined in our future.





#foodcrisis is filled with almost 200 footnotes, and includes 13 background essays on the topics explored by the graphic novel. Follow the link below to see how #foodcrisis fits into our 6-week lesson plan designed for "Canadian and World Studies" and "Social Sciences and Humanities" courses!



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Chapter 1: #climatechaos     


 Chapter 2: #food4america    


Chapter 3: #letthemeatcake