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Feeding 9 Billion:

The Illustrated Series


This whiteboard illustrated video series explores the complex issue of global food security, proposes achievable solutions, and highlights lessons to learn from historical food crises. 




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Feeding 9 Billion:
The Card Game


Discover concepts of food security through this fun strategy game that makes you the leader of your own imaginary country. Can you use your resource cards to feed all of your people, while dealing with worldwide events like climate change and high energy prices?

About the card game >





Graphic Novel


Experience a modern day food crisis through the eyes of those most affected. Based on real-life historical food crises, like the Dust Bowl and the Great Irish Potato Famine, the #foodcrisis graphic novel is accompanied by 13 informative background essays that explore the complex social, environmental, and economic factors that can lead to a global food crisis.



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The Haven Project Audio Drama


The community of Haven has thrived by isolating in a secured location and keeping their technological advancements close to home, but Outsiders threaten their way of life. Can they protect their food supply from theft and intrigue? Should they? This audio drama will touch on potential causes of food insecurity, and the technology that can help, through the lens of the people most affected


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Food Secure Future Podcast


With an ever expanding human population, how can we improve food security for the future, while reducing harm for the environment we live in and advancing human rights in the process? This podcast explores key ideas and conflicts that exist in striving for a sustainable future for agriculture.


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Tabletop Board Game

In this game, players will take on the role of farming families attempting to thrive while dealing with challenges such as droughts, civil unrest, consumer boycotts of technology or commodity price shocks.





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