Artwork by Garth Laidlaw

An Audio Drama about Food Insecurity

Imagine a world where farming isn't an option.

With demand for food expected to grow by 70% over the next generation, and climate change rapidly affecting our ability to support our needs with traditional agriculture, developing strategies to feed our growing population represents one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. But it's not just a question of ramping up production. Consider that we live in a world where both hunger and obesity are on the rise, and 30% of all food produced is wasted. In addition, agri-food systems are a major drain on our sources of fresh water, and a major producer of greenhouse gases. How can we produce enough to feed everyone equitably and nutritiously, without threatening the ecosystems we depend on for life?

This audio drama will immerse you in a world where most of the land on Earth has become unsuitable for traditional agriculture, leading to price shocks for fresh food, especially in remote locations. Humanity has had to adapt in response, exploring and expanding new technologies and alternative types of food. Peer into a future where the sobering reality of worldwide food insecurity could lead to desperate decisions or inspiring innovations.

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Episode 1 - The End of an Era

Episode 2 - The City

Episode 3 - The Highway

Episode 4 - Antiquity

Episode 5 - Inheritance

Episode 6 - I'm Going

Episode 7 - Turning Back

Episode 8 - P.E.A.S. With That

Episode 9 - Moving Up, but Staying Low

Episode 10 - Friends on the Other Side

Episode 11 - This is It

Episode 12 - Omega

The Haven Project is a collaboration between 

Feeding 9 Billion and the School of English and Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph.

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